cannabis degrees

You Can Now Get College Degrees in Cannabis-Related Fields


cannabis degrees


The cannabis industry is becoming serious business. People are devoting a lot of time and money to make the new niche as profitable as it is. It’s growing fast, and it’s going to need a lot of qualified people in the future to keep making it successful. If you’re interested in joining the field, you may want to get a cannabis degree. That’s right, it’s now possible in the U.S. to get college degrees in cannabis-related fields. 

What exactly are “cannabis-related fields?”

Well, degrees that will allow you to be successful in the cannabis field vary greatly. Here are some examples.


Northern Michigan University has begun to offer a four-year bachelor degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry.


UC Davis taught a class called “Physiology of Cannabis.”


The University of Denver created a course in the “Business of Marijuana.” Harvard University even offered a master’s class in cannabis business.


Vanderbilt’s law school taught “Marijuana Law and Policy.” Similarly, Ohio State University’s law school offered “Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform.”


University of Vermont’s online medical school taught a course on “Cannabis Science and Medicine,” and University of Washington has a class on “Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain.”

There are also cannabis-specific schools that have started to see a boost in enrollments recently. These schools include places like Oaksterdam University, Cannabis Training University (CTU), and Clover Leaf University.

According to Leafly’s 2019 cannabis job report, “The cannabis industry is the largest job creation machine in the country.” Apparently, last year the industry increased by 44%, which created over 64,000 new jobs. Since the field has a lot of areas, it was able to employ people from different age groups, social standings, and levels of education.

Cannabis Degrees: Beyond Undergraduate

Getting an undergraduate cannabis degree is pretty cool. It can definitely give you a leg up on the competition within the cannabis field. But now you can go even further, because several U.S. universities are now offering graduate cannabis degrees.

University of Maryland, for instance, has created a cannabis-related graduate program in their School of Pharmacy. The program focuses on the science, clinical use, and policy of medical cannabis. It’s a Master of Science (MS) in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics degree, and it’s a two year program. Students can take class online ad well as in-person. Those completing the degree will be equipped to support medicinal cannabis patients, perform cannabis research, and contribute to cannabis-related policy.

Furthermore, Clark University has added a graduate certificate in “regulatory affairs for cannabis control.” This degree will give students knowledge of public policy issues in the medicinal cannabis field. This includes issues within cultivation, distribution, sales, and regulation.

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