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These Skills Will Earn You a Place in Puerto Rico’s Cannabis Industry

Puerto Rico’s booming cannabis industry promises to offer residents more job opportunities. Are you hoping to jump on the train? Then take a look at the skills you’ll need to land a job in the medicinal cannabis world.

What skills do you need to enter the medicinal cannabis industry?

Puerto Rico now has 77,000 registered medicinal cannabis patients, and that number is only expected to grow. The government has granted nearly 80 licenses for dispensaries throughout the island. Many are already open and running.

Puerto Rico’s medicinal cannabis industry is expected to reach $100 million in tax revenue by 2020. Because of this steady growth, the island will be able to employ over 20,000 people.

The industry is booming, but how can you land yourself a job? Learn what hiring managers in the medicinal cannabis industry are looking for in their employees.

1. A degree or professional experience in cultivation

Yes, marijuana has only recently become legal, so you might be wondering how can you get “background” knowledge on the drug. Enroll in school. Many universities are already offering programs and degrees related to the cannabis industry.

People who have a background in a similar field also have an advantage. For instance, someone who has grown microgreens will have valuable skills to offer to the cannabis market.

2. Good technological skills

There is room for many kinds of technologically-savvy people in the cannabis field. Employers are looking for lab workers, scientists, engineers, and computer networkers.

3. Financial expertise

The rapidly growing industry needs financial experts to help them thrive. Accountants, controllers, CFOs and other business experts will be very welcome in the cannabis world.

4. Knowledge of advertising

There are a lot of dispensaries on the island, which means fierce competition. People with a background in marketing, sales, and advertising are going to be crucial in the medicinal cannabis industry.

5. Cultural awareness

The legal cannabis industry is new and exciting. As a result, it needs young, energetic talent to help it grow and reach customers. If you haven’t had much job experience or recently graduated college, the industry might be the perfect place for you. Employers are searching for “green” minds to help offer flexibility and energy to the field.

So what should you focus on if you think you want to enter Puerto Rico’s medicinal cannabis industry?

cannabis industry

  1. Learn.

    If you’re able to take some classes, go ahead. Having professional education on medicinal cannabis and the industry is only going to give you a leg up on the competition. But if you can’t pay for official classes, learn all you can on the Internet about medicinal cannabis and what it takes to be in the industry.

  2. Strategize.

    Maybe you don’t have the exact job experience that’s listed in this article or even on the job description for which you’re applying. But that’s okay. Think about ways that your experience does align with the skills required for the job. Market yourself. Convince yourself — and the hiring managers — that your knowledge and experience makes you the best candidate.

  3. Connect.

    Just like in most fields, networking will be crucial in the medicinal cannabis industry. So stay aware of available positions on job boards. Make contact with people who are already working in the medicinal cannabis field. If you put yourself out there, you’ll reap the rewards.

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