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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Puerto Rico?

Is weed legal in marijuana?medical marijuana

The legalization of medical marijuana in Puerto Rico occurred early in 2015, followed by medical dispensaries opening their doors to the public in January 2017. Although the act of smoking THC in any form is still illegal, medical marijuana patients can access many other forms of THC such as topicals and edibles. Currently, Puerto Rico has about 9,000 registered patients who can legally purchase marijuana products. These patients are permitted to purchase a 30-day supply each time that they make a purchase; however, they are entered into a database so that a patient cannot go to multiple dispensaries in one day.

With the growing marijuana economy in Puerto Rico, systems are being put into place to make dispensaries more accessible and easier to find. Maps and directories are being created to show where the best dispensaries are for both tourists as well as locals. Discretion is advised for anyone who is taking advantage of the medical marijuana opportunities on the island. The government also advises that the patients use THC products in private homes, and if you drive while high, you can be convicted of a DUI.

What you need to know about marijuana in Puerto Rico:

  • Medical marijuana is legal in Puerto Rico. As of right now, you need a medical marijuana card to purchase the products, and can receive one through specific doctors in Puerto Rico.
  • If you already have a valid medical marijuana card from a different state that is government issued, you may use that card at one of the dispensaries in Puerto Rico.
  • If you have a medical marijuana card, you may visit one of any of the territory-licensed dispensaries in Puerto Rico.
  • The types of marijuana that will be available at these dispensaries are:
    • Pills
    • Transdermal Products
    • Oral Drops
    • Topical Products
  • A single patient is permitted to purchase up to a 30-day supply from a dispensary.
  • Under the current law, a patient may only consume marijuana in a private residence.

medical marijuana

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