register as a medicinal cannabis

Register as a Medicinal Cannabis Patient in Puerto Rico to Gain Access

In order to register as a medicinal cannabis patient in Puerto Rico, you must go through The Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board (MCRB), a branch of the Department of Health that is in charge of everything related to the cannabis program.

register as a medicinal cannabis

The following are the steps you need to take in order to become a cannabis patient in Puerto Rico as published and stated on a Marijuana Doctors article Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Puerto Rico on February 27, 2019.

  1. Meet with a physician registered with the MCRB to receive a cannabis recommendation.
  2. Fill out the applications and associated forms found on the MCRB website.
  3. Visit the Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board in person to submit the application and physician recommendation, show approved identification, and pay the application fee.
  4. If approved, come to the MCRB to obtain medical marijuana card.
  5. Choose one of the medicinal cannabis establishments to be the dispensary from which medications are obtained.

Although legal for medical consumption purposes in Puerto Rico legislation, cannabis is still considered a Schedule I drug and federally illegal. Because of the status that marijuana plays in state and federal laws, it is important that patients always carry their medical cannabis card for their own protection. Even with the permit to purchase and consume medicinal cannabis, patients also must remember that cannabis consumption is not allowed in public areas and only permitted in private residences.

In addition, at no given point may patients carry more than what the current legislation states or considers acceptable. Even being a registered patient, if you do not abide by guidelines stipulated by the legislations, you may be subject to penalties for drug possession which include, but are not limited to, having to comply with jail time.

Furthermore, if you are traveling to Puerto Rico and you are registered as a medical marijuana patient in another state, you can buy at any dispensary as long as you visit the Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board first and pay an application fee for the use of the establishment in Puerto Rico.

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