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Do You Know What You’re Putting in Your Vape Pen?

Puerto Rico has recently seen a surge in vape cartridges and cannabis products from other states. Prices on these items are often lower in other states, so you might feel like you’re getting a great deal. But the problem is, when you buy from unreliable sources, you may not know what’s actually in your vape pen.

vape pen

Studies have shown that cartridges  purchased on the black market can look exactly like name-brand products — but actually contain poor quality ingredients. Because there are no quality control measures in place like there would be when purchasing from the states, the market can be extremely dangerous. You might be buying cartridges that are packaged to look like the quality you are used to, but actually contain oils that have not been tested. This means there’s not even a way to know exactly what is in them.

So what does this mean for consumers looking to save a few dollars?

Your vape pen could put your life in danger.

Oils purchased on the black market have the possibility to harm you, and the damage could even be fatal.

Some examples of subpar vape companies include Dank Vapes, King Vapes, and FlavorX. Each of these companies offer lower prices on their products, claiming to sell a pure and effective cannabis oil. The variety of flavors carried by these companies also may appeal to consumers. It’s not hard for people to access products on the black market, both in Puerto Rico and in even in states where cannabis is illegal. It’s possible to purchase full gram vapes for $80 near San Juan compared to half grams sold in legal dispensaries.


vape pen

Although it might seem tempting to purchase supplies for your vape pen from these companies and others like them, you could be greatly sacrificing your health by doing so. Although these companies market safe products, independent laboratory evaluations showed that the products contain pesticides and solvents that could be very dangerous.

It’s crucial that you know exactly what’s inside your vape pen, and the only way to do that is to purchase exclusively from certified dispensaries. Take a look at the list below for reliable dispensary locations in Puerto Rico from which you can purchase regulated, top-quality supplies for your vape pen.

Clínica Verde

Clínica Verde, which has a location in San Juan, is a network of local, medical cannabis dispensaries approved by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico. They provide medical cannabis patients with high quality medical cannabis treatments, laboratory approved, and locally grown products to treat a variety of debilitating conditions.

Their dispensaries allow registered patients to purchase their medication in a safe, professional, and friendly environment. Their team is highly trained to provide patients with accurate recommendations observing the highest standards of customer service. They have several locations throughout the island of Puerto Rico, as well as association with other dispensaries.

Bwell Healing Center

Bwell Healing Center strives to create optimism and wellness in their clients. They are committed to patients who are open to seek alternative help for treating their symptoms.

FLUENT Cannabis Dispensary

FLUENT aims to make the most consistent, highest quality cannabis in the industry because they care about their customers and want them to have the very best outcomes.

Caribbean Green

Caribbean Green is Puerto Rico’s first medical cannabis cultivation facility. They have a grow facility that will allow them to grow up to 50,000 square feet of the islands best medicine possible. With over 20 years of growing experience from California, and a 100% Puerto Rican resident owned company, they are working to help patients in need.

Releaf Solutions

Releaf Solutions welcomes all patients who wish to obtain the benefits that medical cannabis can offer to their quality of life. They are a team committed to your health and well-being. They will work directly with the doctor to develop an articulated plan where your therapies can be balanced, achieving an optimal level of recovery.

Nirvana Health Clinic

Nirvana is a locally-owned and locally-operated fully-licensed dispensary. Their team is a group of cannabis experts and enthusiasts committed to the well-being of patients.


Cannassence is committed to providing the medical benefits of cannabis to the human body for proper well-being.

Senses Med Center

Senses Med Center aims to help patients have a healthier life by educating them on the best products that will work for their condition. 

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