Can a Tourist Buy Medicinal Cannabis in Puerto Rico?

If you’re visiting Puerto Rico, you may be wondering whether you’ll be able to purchase and use medicinal marijuana while you’re there. You also might be wondering where you can access it. This miniature guide to medicinal marijuana for tourists will tell you all you need to know so you can start to plan your trip.

First thing’s first, what are the laws?

It’s true that marijuana is now legal in Puerto Rico — but only for medicinal purposes. So those wishing to purchase medical marijuana must have a valid medical marijuana card. Right now, smoking marijuana — even for medical reasons — is still illegal. You may use cannabis in the form of extracts, patches, pills, topicals, or vapor. Note that the use of medical marijuana is only approved in private residences.

So, what about tourists? 

Visitors to Puerto Rico are welcome to buy cannabis at the marijuana dispensaries.  However, they must have a valid medical marijuana card from their own state. They also need to visit the Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board in person to pay an application fee that gives them permission to use a Puerto Rican medicinal cannabis establishment. You must also carry your medical marijuana card with you at all times to avoid legal punishments, which can include fines and jail time.

Where can you purchase medical marijuana in Puerto Rico?

There are many dispensaries that sell medical marijuana in Puerto Rico. Here is a list of some of the island’s top medicinal cannabis locations.

Bwell Healing Center

San Juan, PR Bwell Healing Center strives to create optimism and wellness in their clients. They are committed to patients who are open to seek alternative help for treating their symptoms.

Earth Gift Cannabis Dispensary

Carolina, PR Earth Gift is a dispensary of purely Puerto Rican Medicinal Cannabis with a 100% Puerto Rican investment.  Their experts can explain and help you in the education of your treatment.

FLUENT Cannabis Dispensary

San Juan, PR FLUENT aims to make the most consistent, highest quality cannabis in the industry because they care about their customers and want them to have the very best outcomes.

Clínica Verde

San Juan, PR Clínica Verde is a network of local, medical cannabis dispensaries approved by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico. They provide medical cannabis patients with high quality medical cannabis treatments, laboratory approved, and locally grown products to treat a variety of debilitating conditions. Their dispensaries allow registered patients to purchase their medication in a safe, professional, and friendly environment. Their team is highly trained to provide patients with accurate recommendations observing the highest standards of customer service. They have several locations throughout the island of Puerto Rico, as well as association with other dispensaries.


Bayamon, PR and Dorado, PR

FarmaVerde hopes to improve quality of life for their patients. Using their excellent line of products, you can benefit from medicinal cannabis.

Caribbean Green

Carolina, PR Caribbean Green is Puerto Rico’s first medical cannabis cultivation facility. With over 20 years of growing experience from California, and a 100% Puerto Rican-resident-owned company, they are working to help patients in need.

Releaf Solutions

San Juan, PR Releaf Solutions welcomes all patients who wish to obtain the benefits that medical cannabis can offer. They committed to your health and well-being. Furthermore, they will work directly with your doctor to develop a plan where your therapies can be balanced and perfected.

Nirvana Health Clinic

San Juan, PR Nirvana is a locally-owned and locally-operated fully-licensed dispensary. Their team is a group of cannabis experts and enthusiasts committed to the well-being of patients.


San Juan, PR Cannassence is committed to providing the medical benefits of cannabis to the human body for proper well-being.

Senses Med Center

San Juan, PR

Senses Med Center aims to help patients have a healthier life by educating them on the best products that will work for their condition. 

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